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SEO Friendly Technology.

Smart4ads technology finally brings the answer to one of the most pressing needs of advertisers: to take advantage of the thousands of banners and links delivered by the affiliates in order to improve merchants SEO. Our tracking technology is “SEO friendly” which means it considerably improves our merchants natural search rankings. Smart4ads is the only affiliate performance network that offers “SEO friendly” tracking technology. In addition, our technology is proprietary and provides advanced and innovative reporting functionalities and tools.

Performance Marketing.

Performance marketing is an effective method for advertisers to leverage their online marketing budget for lead generation and sales across a network of publishers without the upfront cost of a traditional media campaign. Smart4ads delivers online business for e-merchants mostly through CPL and CPA campaigns. This advertising strategy rewards online publishers when they generate leads or sales for advertisers and enables advertisers to perform campaign optimization and effective ROI calculation. You only pay for results.

Real Time Reports.

Real time detailed reports
Fully customizable reports available by: Day, Month, and Year, Publisher, Creative
All metrics available (Impressions, Clicks, V.U., Leads, Sales, CTR%, CR%)
Reports formats available in PDF, Excel, HTML, XML, CSV

Quality of Service.

Dedicated Publisher Manager
Account Management Interface Training
Publisher Targeted Recruitment
Technical Support
Budget Management
Fraud Control & Automatic Anti-Fraud system
Periodic Strategy Meetings
Real Time Reports
Program Management Tips & Best Practices
Industry Monitoring

Publisher Network.

Smart4ads´ approach to performance marketing empowers a network of thousands of web publishers to increase sales and generate leads for your business using a variety of typologies of publishers and actions: Content / Premium Publishers / Online Newspapers / Display, Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Couponing, Retargeting, Rewards, Comparison, Social Media.