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In Smart4ads we help advertisers meet their Internet marketing goals for branding campaigns (CPM) Traffic Generation (CPC) Constitution of a DB (CPL) and even pure and simple sale (CPA), relying on channels like Display, Emailmarketing, Search and Social Media.

Branding Campaigns (CPM)

in Premium Publishers and with different segmentation capabilities: demographic and technological.

Traffic Generation Campaigns (CPC)

in generalist Adnetworks with different technological segmentation capabilities, both best result oriented, real-time scheduling.

Segmentation and Technology Optimization.
Unlike traditional campaign delivering, which shows the campaign based on the website and its content, Technology Segmentation seeks to harness the power of segmentation to reach our target audience and benefit from cost savings. The different targeting technologies we are applying in Smart4ads are:
– RON. CPM o CPC in Run of Network across our Performance Adnetwork where most of our impressions are media that are within the Top 100 Nielsen.
– Behavioural Targeting. CPM o CPC by which we show ads based on specific interest and previous user behavior.
– GeoTargeting. CPM o CPC that allows advertisers to target their ads by geographic strip.
– ReTargeting. CPM o CPC that allows advertisers to reach back to users who have previously shown a specific interest in the advertiser’s brand.
– IP Targeting. CPM o CPC that allows advertisers to reach users who come from a range of IP or IP’s determined (eg operating system, browser, phone operator).
– Mobile Targeting. CPM, CPC o CPL which allows to reach users who are browsing using a mobile device.

Optimization. This type of campaign allows us to do a tracking of the entire advertising process: measure click and conversion rates, ROI, and which publisher brings conversions, allowing us to optimize campaigns in real time putting more pressure advertising on those sites related to conversion.

Constitution of a DB (CPL).

In order to find leads we rely on the Display channel and mainly on the EmailMarketing channel:

Email Marketing.
Publsihers who move this kind of campaign are Optin Data Bases who sends and email with the client´s creativity. The user gets the email, and if he is interested clicks, goes to the Landing Page and register. This type of channel allows us to segment our target very much.

We work for over 10 years recruitment campaigns and for this we rely on the main DB optin in Spain. In the same way as in DISPLAY Smart4ads offers complete guarantee of not working with any type of media or the environment DB Gambling, Sex, Dating, etc … and all of the DB we work with are cleared, and users have explicitly agreed to receive marketing offers from third parties.

The DB normally test the campaign within a sample population as related to the target audience. If favorable conversion rates, increases the volume of shipments to consume its entire population. One of the most important dedications Smart4ads´s publishers team is to be in constant search of new or newly formed DB in addition to the “traditional” or more used. Depending on how the campaign works in terms of conversion we will put more or less pressure on different DDBB.
In this advertising model the impact is huge, generating visibility and brand awareness/product is guaranteed and we ensure a number of visits and records on our site.

In addition, we will move the campaign throughout our Performance Adnetwork. Our Performance AdNetwork consists of different categories of sites, but never personal pages, file sharing sites or adult content sites.
Most of our prints are media that are within the Top 100 Nielsen. This is a great cover for the advertisr and the best and top positions within the page.

Afiliate Programs(CPA) where we can apply our unique SEO Friendly technology.

All seasoned by the portfolio of services offered by our parent company like SMS technology, co-registrations, Sponsoring, Telecommunications Consulting, etc …